Take control of your web site visitors

Stop being passive and waiting for the phone to ring or a website conversion. We can help you get proactive actually track your website visitors and convert them into ready-to-buy prospects now.

Actionable leads at your fingertips

Pinpoint Technologies can put you in control of the lead generation process.

Our system identifies your anonymous website traffic visitors and turns them into real-time actionable sales leads. Once uncovered we can deliver all the critical contact information you will need for success.

Rapidly identify and contact your decision makers

Take advantage of leveraging Pinpoint Technologies top selling proprietary data and identify the majority of companies visiting your site. But more importantly we can identify the likely individuals from that company that visited your website.

Once those likely contacts have been identified we can provide you with detailed contact information including their phone and business email address.

All the data you need to convert leads.

We can provide this and more:

  • Business name and mailing address
  • Likely visitor contact names and job title
  • Business email addresses
  • Telephone number
  • Web site
  • Site employee size
  • Industry/SIC code
  • Pages viewed
  • History, are they a past/return visitor

What makes our system special

Unfortunately, other systems rely on large out-of-dated databases such as D&B and InfoUSA as there only source of data. These lists are notorious for being caulked full of old useless tiles such as President, General Manager, etc.

As you know Pinpoint Technologies is the only data provider in the industry that tracks the kinds of mid-level management contacts you desire: Engineers, Scientist, Purchasing, HR, etc. With over 150 different job titles we have the right contacts for you.