Why Pinpoint?


  • Targeted: Over 150 job titles throughout thousands of industries
  • Selection: Industry, job title, company size, location type, geo
  • Contact Methods: Email, Phone, Postal, Fax
  • Only one title per contact (primary)
  • Only one industry location (primary)
  • Result - The Most Dynamic and Targeted Lists Available

Top Quality Standards

  • Daily email ping validation of our contacts
  • Quarterly postal update using the National Change of Address
  • Semi-annual automated phone validation of every number
  • Ping of all new email addresses (With Opt-Out option)
  • No public email address domains (yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc.)
  • Validation of every contact via telephone
  • Immediately correction of any bounced email addresses
  • Immediately remove email Opt-Out request
  • Result – Extremely Valid, Up to Date Prospects

Data Hygiene

  • Always follow the USPS postal standards for data layout
  • Manage site and contact in a one to many format to eliminate dups
  • Highly structured data naming conventions
  • All data is case sensitive (Not all CAPS)
  • Result – Amazing Standardization of Data and Great Cosmetic Appeal

Bad Data History Tracking

  • Dead/Bad locations postal addresses
  • Dead/Bad contacts
  • Dead/Bad phone
  • Dead/Bad email addresses
  • Dead/Bad locations web domains
  • Result – Bad Information Permanently Removed


  • Daily check for closing sites/locations
  • Daily check for all business mergers/acquisitions
  • Daily check for all movers/new offices
  • Daily check news wire for all resigns/new hires
  • Daily check news wire for all shrinking sites/layoffs
  • Daily check news wire for all growing sites/hiring
  • Daily review of Company web sites for missing locations and updates
  • Result – Thousands of Changes Made Each Day


  • All our data is collected and updated by our in-house research staff
  • Result – Top Quality Control and List Management


  • Founded in 1993 to provide the best data possible
  • Expert level sales and research staff
  • Quotes within 1 Hour
  • File delivery with 24hours
  • Result – Top Level Expert List Advice Too You

The Industries Top Quality Guarantee

100% of our in-house data is guaranteed to be accurate and deliverable, please ask your representative for a summary of our amazing guarantee of every name we provide.

  • Result – No Worries for You
The Pinpoint Advantage