Accurate Business to Business Emails Have Never Been More Important

Email is increasingly the preferred method for business communications. Our email appending service will enhance your in-house customer database and provide the means to capitalize on this shift in the marketplace. With email append, your ability to communicate with your customers will quickly become easier, faster, and cheaper. Our business-to-business email appending system adds deliverable email addresses to your existing database of customers.

Email Matching Process

The append process is straightforward. We receive your customer file including contact name, company name, and postal address. We then run our proprietary system which utilizes specially developed algorithms and techniques to derive and confirm the email address that match against our house file. Additionally, if required we have access to an additional 90,000,000 email addresses via our data match partner. All the appended email addresses are guaranteed to be accurate and deliverable..

The Advantage

Our sophisticated business email append solution and large targeted house file provides over three times the results of a standard business append solution. As leaders in email validation and delivery, we are uniquely qualified to provide business-to-business email append, and our process provides outstanding match quality, high match rates, and responsive addresses.

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Typical Results for Accuracy and Service

  • Match rates from 10% to 45%
  • Over 95% deliverability rate–highest in the industry
  • Data is managed in-house for full security
  • Own the addresses we append–never pay to use them again
  • No setup or run fees, free match analysis