DB Analyzer™ – Your Top Source for Finding the New Prospects

Leverage your in-house data to find the best new leads possible with Pinpoint Technologies DB Analyzer Tool™.


  • New / missing contacts at your customer locations
  • New contacts at additional customer locations you are not currently tracking
  • New companies and contacts with the same profile as your customers

How It Works

You provide your house file and we will run a detailed analysis of each contact and location you provide. DB Analyzer will run over 125 algorithms variations to match your list to our comprehensive database.

Rapidly identify and contact your decision makers

Once we have performed the free analysis we will provide detailed reports of the companies, their parent organizations, similar industries and available job titles.

From these reports you will be able to make informed decisions of the new data you wish to purchase. Your new sales leads will include all of data elements listed below:

  • Company name
  • Parent name (if any)
  • Postal address
  • Contact name
  • Job title
  • Business email addresses
  • Telephone / fax number
  • Web site
  • Site employee size
  • Industry/SIC code

What makes our system special

Unfortunately, other systems rely on large out-of-dated databases such as D&B and InfoUSA as there only source of data. These lists are notorious for being bloated full of outdated and erroneous contacts

As you know Pinpoint Technologies is the only data provider in the industry that tracks the kinds of mid-level management contacts you desire: Engineers, Scientist, Purchasing, HR, etc. With over 150 different job titles we have the right contacts for you.