What companies have you worked with?
We have experience with thousands of companies around the world — from Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial firms.
What is the minimum purchase I can make?
The minimum purchase is 5,000 names.
Can I get a list of email addresses?
Yes, we do have email addresses available for many of our proprietary lists. Please remember to always follow all US CAN-SPAM rules and regulations. It is essential to honor recipients request for removal immediately.
What format does my list come in?
Lists are available in a number of common computer formats including Text, Comma Seperated (CSV) or MS Excel.
How will I receive my file?
We can send it however you’d like to receive it. Email is usually the best route, and for larger files we offer FTP Transfer. We can explain how to use the FTP service—it is fast and easy.
How long will it take to get my list?
Most files are delivered within 24 hours.
What types of names do you have?
With access to over 40,000 different lists we can get about any list you need. You can select either consumer or business names, and we can segment the information to be very specific.
Where do the names come from?
Each list is different, our in house proprietary list come from telephone surveys our research staff conducts. Outside list typically come from sources such as magazine subscribers, association memberships, and telephone or self reported data. Feel free to ask your sales associate how the list you are interested in was created.
Are phone numbers available?
Yes, you can receive phone numbers with nearly all lists.
How do the “Do No Call” laws affect buying a list?
The federal “Do Not Call” laws only apply to consumer lists (people at home). If you purchase a consumer list from us we will scrub it against the National DNC List prior to delivering it to you.